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The Java Virtual test-stolbery.000webhostapp.com is a software that can be ported onto various hardware-based platforms! How to gtu mca dissertation a class or a bean serializable.

How to make a class or a bean serializable. This is the same gtu mca dissertation that the gtu mca gtu mca dissertation Research paper topics in automotives bound copies of theses, dissertations, and periodicals.

The Java Virtual Machine is pay someone to do my research paper various hardware-based platforms.

By implementing either the java. You have two ways to do so! You have two ways to do so. What is native code? The native code is code that after you compile it, the compiled code runs on a specific hardware platform.

Is Java code slower than gtu mca dissertation code? As a platform-independent environment, the Java platform can be a bit slower than native code. However, smart compilers, well-tuned interpreters, and just-in-time bytecode compilers can bring performance close to that of native code without threatening portability. What is the serialization?

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The serialization is a gtu mca dissertation of mechanism that makes a class or a bean persistence by having its properties or fields and state information saved and restored to and from cover letter for application for the post of assistant professor How to make a class or a bean serializable? By implementing either the java. Serializable interface, or the java. As long as one class in a class’s inheritance hierarchy implements Serializable or Externalizable, that class is serializable.

How gtu mca dissertations methods in the Serializable interface? There is no method in the Serializable interface. The Serializable interface acts as a marker, telling the object serialization tools that your class is serializable. How many methods in the Externalizable interface? There are two methods in the Externalizable interface. You have to implement these two methods in order to make your class externalizable.

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These two methods are readExternal and writeExternal. What is the difference between Serializalble and Externalizable interface?

When you use Serializable interface, your class is serialized automatically by default. But you can override writeObject and readObject two gtu mca dissertations to control more gtu mca dissertation object serailization process.

When you use Externalizable interface, you have a complete control over your class’s serialization process. What is a transient variable? A transient variable is a gtu mca dissertation that may not be serialized. If you don’t want some field to be serialized, you can mark that field transient or static.

Which containers use a border layout as their default layout? The Window, Frame and Dialog classes use a border layout as their default layout. How are Observer and Observable used? Objects that gtu mca dissertation the Observable class maintain a list of observers.

When an Observable object is updated it invokes the update method of each of its observers to notify the observers that it has changed state. The Observer interface is implemented by objects that observe Observable objects. What is synchronization and why is it important? With respect to multithreading, synchronization is the capability to control the access of multiple threads to shared resources.

Without synchronization, it is possible for one thread to modify a shared object while another thread is in the process of using or updating that object’s value. This often causes dirty data and leads to significant errors. What are synchronized methods and synchronized statements?

Synchronized methods are methods that are used to control access to an object. A thread only executes a synchronized method after it has acquired the lock for the method’s object or class. Synchronized statements emrelimited.com similar to synchronized methods.

A synchronized statement can only be executed after a thread has acquired the lock for the gtu mca dissertation or class referenced in the synchronized statement. What are three ways in which a thread hongthai.thaibinhweb.com enter the waiting state? It can also enter the waiting state by invoking its deprecated suspend method.

Can a lock be acquired on a class? Yes, a lock can be acquired on a class. This lock is acquired on the class’s Class object. What’s new with the stopsuspend and resume methods in JDK 1. cover letter selection criteria application stopsuspend and resume methods have been deprecated in JDK 1.

What is the preferred size of a component? The preferred size of a component is the minimum component size that will allow the component to display normally. What method is used to specify a container’s layout? The setLayout method is used to specify a container’s layout. Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layout? The Panel and Applet classes use the FlowLayout as their default layout.

A thread is an independent gtu mca dissertation of execution in a system. Multithreading means various threads that run in a system. How does multithreading take place on a computer with a single CPU? The operating system’s task scheduler allocates execution time to multiple tasks.

By quickly switching between executing tasks, it creates the impression that tasks execute sequentially.

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How to create multithread in a program? You have two ways to do so. First, gtu mca dissertation your class “extends” Thread class. Second, making your class “implements” Runnable interface.

Put jobs in a run method and call start method to start the thread. Can Java object be locked down for exclusive use by a given thread? You can lock an object by putting it in a “synchronized” block. The locked object is inaccessible to any thread other than the one that explicitly claimed it. Can each Java object keep track of all the threads that want to exclusively access to it?

What state does a thread gtu mca dissertation when it terminates its processing? When a thread terminates its processing, it enters the dead state. What invokes a thread’s run method? After a thread is started, via its start method catedraproyecto.000webhostapp.com initially executed.

What is the purpose of the waitnotifyand notifyAll methods? The wait ,notifyand notifyAll methods are used to provide an efficient way for threads to communicate each other.

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What are the high-level thread states? The high-level thread states are ready, running, waiting, and dead. What is the Collections API? The Collections API is a set of classes and interfaces that support operations on collections of objects. What is the List interface? The List essay on save plants and trees provides gtu mca dissertation for ordered collections of objects.

How does Java handle integer overflows and underflows? It uses those low order bytes of the gtu mca dissertation that can fit into the size of the type allowed by the gtu mca dissertation. What is the Vector church turing thesis proof The Vector class provides the capability to implement a growable array of objects What modifiers may be used with an inner class that is a member of an outer class?

A non-local inner class may be declared as public, protected, private, static, final, or abstract.

If a gtu mca dissertation is declared as protected, where may the method be accessed? A protected method may only be accessed by classes or interfaces of the same package or by subclasses of the gtu mca dissertation in which it is declared.

What is an Iterator interface? The Iterator interface is used to step through the elements of a Collection. UTF-8 represents characters using 8, 16, and 18 bit patterns. UTF uses bit and larger bit patterns. What is the difference between yielding and gtu mca dissertation When a task invokes its yield method, it returns to the ready state. When a task invokes its sleep method, it returns to the waiting state. Is sizeof a keyword? The sizeof operator is not a keyword.

What are wrapped classes? Wrapped classes are gtu mca dissertations that allow primitive types to be accessed as objects. Does garbage collection gtu mca dissertation that a program will not run out of gtu mca dissertation It is gtu mca dissertation for programs to use up memory resources faster than they are garbage collected.

It is also possible for programs to create gtu mca dissertations that are not subject to garbage collection What is the difference gtu mca dissertation preemptive scheduling and time slicing? Under preemptive scheduling, the highest priority task executes until it enters the waiting or dead states or a higher priority task comes into gtu mca dissertation.

Under time slicing, a task executes for a predefined slice of time and then reenters the gtu mca dissertation of ready tasks. The scheduler then determines which task should execute next, based on priority and other factors. Name Component subclasses that support painting. The Canvas, Frame, Panel, and Applet classes support painting. What is a native method? A native method is a method that is implemented in a language other than Java.

How can you write a loop indefinitely? Can an anonymous class be declared as implementing an interface and extending a class? An anonymous class may implement an interface or extend a superclass, but may not be declared to do both. What is the purpose of finalization? The purpose of finalization is to gtu mca dissertation an unreachable object the opportunity to perform any cleanup processing before the Mla standards for research paper is garbage collected.

Which class is the superclass for every class. If the first operand returns a value of true then the second operand is evaluated.

If the gtu mca dissertation operand evaluates to false, the evaluation of the second operand is skipped. If asked why, give details as above. What is the GregorianCalendar class? The GregorianCalendar provides support for traditional Western calendars. What is the grahasr.000webhostapp.com class? The SimpleTimeZone gtu mca dissertation provides support for a Gregorian calendar. Which Container method is used to cause a container to be laid out and redisplayed?

The properties class is a subclass of Hashtable that can be read from or written to a stream. It also provides the capability to specify a set of default values to be used. What is the purpose of the Runtime class? The purpose of the Runtime class is to provide access to the Java runtime system. What is the purpose of the System class? The purpose of the System class is to provide access to system resources. What is the purpose of the finally clause of a try-catch-finally statement?

The finally clause is used to provide the capability to execute code no matter whether or not an exception is thrown or caught. What is the Locale gtu mca dissertation The Locale class is used to tailor program output to the conventions of a particular geographic, political, or cultural region. What must a class do to implement an interface? It must provide all of the methods in the interface and identify the interface in its implements clause. What is an abstract method?

An abstract method is a method whose implementation is deferred to a subclass. Or, a method that has no gtu mca dissertation an interface of a method. What is a static method? A static method is a method that belongs to the class rather than any object of the gtu mca dissertation and doesn’t apply to an gtu mca dissertation or even require that any objects of the class have been instantiated.

What is a protected method? A protected method is a method that can be accessed by any method in its package and inherited by any subclass of its class.

What is the difference between a static and a non-static inner class? A non-static inner class may have object instances that are associated with instances of the class’s outer class.

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